Novo Notes
Your simple and elegant organizer for

Save bookmarks, articles as you browse

Add bookmarks, articles as you find them by a single click. Categorise them into different categories / note books with a description so as to find them later. Save article references for your notes. Mark articles to read later.

Create your content

Make your own content, take notes, add todo's, create lists, curate quotes. Convert your curated quotes into a slide shows. Add todo's from your chrome tab. Create notes using developer friendly markdown language, draw flow, component, sequence diagrams. Add PDFs as e-books, all from your chrome tab.

Manage your content

Manage your bookmarks, notes, list, todo's from chrome tab. Bookmarks show as you open a new tab making it easy to open them. The global search helps you find bookmarks even faster. Need a quick reference of your notes just search and open from the chrome tab.