About Novo Notes

As a software developer I was never able to find a tool which would help me manage all the below things within a single application.

I generally tend to like a site, resource on the internet and quickly bookmark the same for future use. But when the time comes to actually use it I just did't remember what it was called, or would remember their was this resource which reduced image size and was good but alas would spend lot of time scanning through the list of bookmarks I saved and end up clicking all one by one.
Todo's and lists
I wanted to quickly list some point I remembered to be done at work, found a nice quote or found a nice list of movies that I would like to watch on the weekend. Another application to store those, na! wanted everything to be available through a single application.
As I read an article or a book I always took notes, screenshots so that when needed I could browse through the summary points I had created. To me notes are like living thing to which we keep feeding new points, adjusting them as we read, hear new stuff about the topic. Wanted a developer friendly tool for taking my notes which were easy to change but at the same time clean and elegant to read.
Just like bookmarks I wanted to save articles which I wanted to read later or have it in my notes as a reference. I know there are a lot of really nice tools which do that but my requirement was not to create a collection of articles but to also have a collection of notes in the same place which referenced those articles.
Over a period of time the notes/ lists collection would grow too large and finding what I wanted became difficult. I was looking for something which would be available easily like in the browser and in which one could search quickly and opened items as an when needed.

To full-fill my ever-growing wish list of thing I started creating a tool for my person use to make my day to day life easy. I would tune the tool as I found something did't work well or some features were missing. I still do.

As my colleagues saw this tool in working they were curious to know more about it. This instigated me in making the tool available for larger audience and Novo Notes was born.

Believe me this wish-list is still growing.

Hope this tool helps you as your digital organizer.


Developer Novo Notes